Hithendran was born to the Ashokans on 22nd June 1993 at St. Philonmena’s Hospital in Bangalore. He was a tiny and frail child weighing just 2.4 kgs. As a child, he was a very quiet and easily manageable. He was named as Hithendran by his maternal grandfather meaning of the name is well wisher, he was shortly called as, Hithu, Hithi, Hit, Hitesh and Jithen, he was taken care by his granny Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Sathyanarayana. He was taken care later on by the Ashokans family friend Mr. Arivazhagan’s wife Mrs. Tamilselvi.
The Arivazhagan’s family took utmost care in looking after the child during all the times the Doctor parents busy schedule at the clinic. As a child he was very interested in playing with blocks and building tents, as he grew he was very much interested in electronic toys which he use to dismantle and reassemble them and he was surely proud of his work but he never showed it.His family admired the child for his quite and smiling faces and adapted to the parents busy schedule at the clinic while he stayed with the Arivazhagans. As a grown up boy he became very stylish, reserved and shy. For his friends he was fun loving friendly helpful person.As a 15 year old boy he had a great interest in music and never failed to listen to SS music and sun music channel on TV. He use to down load Tamil songs from and he loved the song nakumuku and predicted that this song will be a great hit even before the movie was released. He wanted to watch this movie the first day of its release and this
never happened. He was great fan of actor Vijay and he has told his friend that he wanted to meet the actor Vijay once in his life time but he did not have chance to live.Two weeks before his tragic accident he was mentally disturbed by the death of his classmate in a bus accident. He was deeply disturbed and told his mother that he was not able to understand life as he mentioned these words ‘ why man struggles so hard studying and tries to achieve some thing and finally he dies one day and why not die right now?’ . His mother had to explain to him about life, man’s duties and death is just an incident in life. He had great interest in computers, Photography and he was planning to study multimedia or nano technology after his Class 12. He was crazy about cell phones like any other child and his parents always cautioned him about the harms of abuse of cell phones. He was crazy about motor bikes and played the video game motor bike race with great speed and admired different models of motor bikes. Hithendran was very matured child with full of anticipations in life only if god had given him some time he would have blossomed in to a very hand some enterprising Youngman.
hithendran family